ISimple, special, versatile - handmade street food straight from Romagnola via Lincolnshire


From the moment that I stepped foot into Snack’s in Riccione, the heart of Romagnola, I knew that the much anticipated wait for my first ever piadina was soon to be over. Finally I would get to try this magical Italian flatbread that my Italian Grandfather, Gianni, at length had often spoken to me about. I ordered a piadina with prosciutto crudo in anticipation, whilst I restlessly awaited my order being made right there infront of me. I was totally blown away by the colours & the delights of the fillings available. When it arrived you could see that it was packed with lashings of Italian cream cheese, layers of cured meats and the bright green of the rocket protruding out from the sides. I still remember taking it in my hand and thinking, why on earth do we not have this back home in the UK, and sure enough with each mouthful of piadina that I took, I ended up falling more and more in love with the dish, which then later turned out to be more of an obsession.


In February 2016 I finally decided to bring piadina to the streets of London through The Piadina Project. Fusing my Italian roots whilst incorporating the incredible fresh produce that surrounded my upbringing in Lincolnshire, “the home of agriculture”, I’ve managed to develop a story that's told through the good honest food that I serve, just as it was when I first tasted it, all with my very own Lincolnshire twist.

Monday - Friday

W12 Studios White City

Tuesday - Sunday

Rose & Crown Kentish Town

Tuesday Takeover’s

12th Knot Southbank

Jack Padoan

The main man at Piadina HQ. Get in contact for general enquiries and events

Ricky A. Gough

Branding & website